Digha gerald Nyineck Nyineck

English, French
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Date of birth
29 03 1985 (Age 34)
City of residence
Bamenda/ Cameroon
Listening To Music, Reading, Bodybuilding, Football,

Iam a high school English language teacher with a masters degree in English language and 6years of experience in teaching high school students and kids in private classes in my home town of Bamenda. My teaching methods begin with the teacher centered approach method where students take instructions from their teacher on the style to study. Students comprehension of the lesson is assessed through test writing. Students centered approach method is also used where students are allowed to learn using their own style, controlled by the teacher during which they are tested by the teacher for comprehension of the lesson. I have been using these methods mentioned above with my students and kids successfully over six years now with remarkable success. But with the coming of the internet and online teaching today, I have added the high-tech approach method where students take lessons using video clips and audio online. All in all the language will be taught under the umbrella"structural approach method"where chronology is a priority for teacher in order to meet up with competence in learning.

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