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  1. I am a TEFL accredited teacher, I have almost four and a half years of teaching experience. I am able to teach all ages and all levels. I hope to see you in one of my classes soon.

  2. I am a teacher who enjoys working with my students to help them master difficult learning areas.

  3. Come and dive with me into the greatness of the English language and literature!

  4. Hey guys... Who wants to learn English in a fun and attractive way?... Am all in...

  5. For teaching a language, you need love, honesty and confidence.

  6. Today English is spoken in more than 75 countries. It is still the language of International trade, Aviation and of science. Since it is the most popular language and used so widely we can call it the lingua franca or the bridge language. American English, British English or the Queen’s English are the most common forms of English. l am teacher Ornela and l am here to help you improve and perfect your English. Stop procrastinating and make a step forward by making a reservation .

  7. Keep calm... and take English lessons.

  8. Keep calm... I'm an English Teacher.

  9. Hello, I’m Keisha! Would you like to sound more natural when speaking English? I specialize in teaching Conversational English to intermediate and advanced level students, who need help improving their English-speaking fluency. I can create your very own customized English Improvement Plan, to help you: 1) make your conversations flow more naturally when using everyday English, making small talk or travelling 2) improve your basic English so you can speak at a higher level This plan will be made from a complete English evaluation, which you will get when you book a trial lesson with me. You will know what your level of English is, and the steps you can take to improve it. Are you ready to make new friends, travel more and get more out of life? If you would like to know more, please feel free to book a trial lesson with me, so we can start working on your right away.

  10. Hi there, I am a new casual teacher of English. I would love to chat with you and help you master the Art of conversing in English. It will be fun, I promise! So get in touch now

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