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  1. Hello! I am a certified ESL instructor for learners wishing to engage in Business English. In addition to mastering pronunciations and conversation skills, I will instruct on the meaning of business terms. We will also work on reading business publications for comprehension. I am a full time instructor working with adults. I am excited to work with students and hope to see you soon!

  2. Hello there :-) Do you want to have English lessons that are not only useful but interesting as well? Then I can assure you that with me learning and practicing English will be easy. Morever, we will have fun doing so. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon :-)

  3. Hello!! I have updated my schedule!! I can teach grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, conversational skills, writing, reading comprehension, and TOEFL Prep. I have experience working with children and adults. See you in the classroom!

  4. For the little ones.. Let's learn a the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Song. We will do a lot of sing and dancing. Xoxo

  5. Hello lovely people of the world. What would you like to learn about? Let me know where I can help you. Let's have some fun while improving your English. 🤗

  6. For more information about the books that you can study with me, please visit: https://myenglishacademy.wordpress.com/books/

  7. Good day, everyone! How are you to today? If you need some help in improving your English skills, feel fee to book a lesson with me! I have been teaching English professionally for over 20 years so would say I am an experienced and reliable teacher. I hope to see you around..

  8. Hello! I have just joined Preplesson and I cannot wait to start teaching!

  9. Hello! I have just joined Preplesson and I am looking forward to teaching you! Little about me- I used to live in Zimbabwe, and for past 14 months I have been teaching English. I have a TEFL certificate for teaching English. Therefore, I am grateful for opportunity to continue teaching English. It reminds me of time spent in Africa, so I appreciate it a lot and it really makes me happy!!! I hope to hear from you !!!!

  10. Hello all Here is a little activity that we can do together. It is a little 'Let me introduce myself' activity, for me to get the chance to know you. Let us have some fun. Hope to hear from you. xoxo

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