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  1. Hi there, my name is Michelle. I have always had a love for languages.I acquired a Tesol qualification because I wanted to help non English speakers. I discovered that there were so many non English speakers who needed to go about normal day to day tasks like banking , making telephonic inquiries , asking for directions and many more , however because of their limited English , incorrect use of words or even incorrect pronunciation they sometimes struggled to be understood. As a native English speaking immigrant at the time i knew how difficult it was even for me sometimes because of my accent. We have come a long way since then though, as we have become a very multilingual society. There are however some of us who still need some help. I have always found that casual and informal conversation about everyday things helps to to build confidence. So I would like to offer my help to anyone who would like some help and practice through some informal and fun conversation.

  2. Hi, My name is TerryAnn, I am a qualified English Teacher with many years experience teaching in class and on line. I have travelled and taught in Vietnam, Nigeria and Thailand. I tailor make lessons to suit your needs. I look forward to hearing from you

  3. Hello, my name is Alina and I`m an English teacher with 5 years experience. I`m a language learner myself and I know how difficult sometimes it is to learn a language and speak it with native speakers. You forget the words, you are insecure about your grammar and you are so afraid to say something incorrectly. But after some lessons with me you won`t have these problems. I will teach you how to memorize words in a fun way. At the end instead of nervously trying to remember a word you will be choosing from many synonyms. I will explain you the grammar and it will seem easy for you. Or how we like to say in England it’ll be a piece of cake. Based on my own experience living in many English speaking countries I will teach you about their culture and you will discover a big world that is not limited by the boundaries of you native language. At the end you will understand that learning English is just an adventurous trip that will lead you to your dream. If you already have a solid base and want to extend your knowledge or you need an exam preparation I`m offering the preparation for IELTS TOEFL as well as school exams. I have the experience of studying in the universities abroad and would be happy to consult you and prepare you for that. Discover yourself and the world around you , learn English with me!

  4. Hello. I am Arthi Singh from South Africa. I have 24 years of teaching experience, a Level 5 TEFL certificate as well as a certificate in Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs. I am a extrovert and love bringing fun into.the classroom, to make the learning process more productive. My English speaking , reading and writing skills are superb and I am a great conversationalist, as my knowledge is diverse. I can assist in all aspects of your curriculum., that you may find challenging and I do so with much patientce and understanding . I believe that each learner is unique , therefore I work together WITH you, at your own pace. So, If you are interested in making your online lessons FUN, yet PRODUCTIVE, I would be more than willing to being your tutor and mentor.

  5. TEFL CERTIFIED TEACHER {CONVERSATION PRACTICE / PRONUNCIATION / WRITING / READING / SPELLING / ALL AGES AND LEVELS} Hello! My name is Lee and I am from Cape Town in South Africa. I am a qualified physiotherapist and worked as a physiotherapist for one year (2019). I felt I needed something new and got my TEFL certification in September 2019. Since then, I have also enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Psychology. I feel that this degree will further improve my skills as an online English teacher. Apart from my love for the English language I also love art and music. I am a vibrant and exciting teacher. I love interacting and engaging with people and this is evident in my teaching style. I am very encouraging and patient. I also believe in meeting my students where they are instead of using a recipe to teach. If you are interested in booking a lesson, please feel free to contact me via my profile. I hope to hear from you soon. Lee

  6. Hello everyone! My name is Stamatia and I am a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher.I am here to help you with your conversational English,pronunciation,grammar and oral exam preparation for all levels of CEFR.So,what do you feel like talking about today?

  7. Hello everyone! My name is Shafiyah. I have been living in England from the past 18 years. I hold a Bachelor's degree and I'm also a certified TEFL teacher. If you want to improve your English skills, I am here to help. I can assure you that learning English is so much fun! I have been teaching children for more than 7 years. I have been a home-work helper in my neighbourhood for 5 years and then I did online teaching for almost 3 years. After graduating I have worked in two different airline companies in the UK. But I thoroughly enjoy my time while teaching online. I can't wait to meet you in the upcoming days. =)

  8. Hi everybody I have been a really good English teacher for 30 years, so I have plenty of experience to share with you. I have taught in public and private schools and also did one on one tutoring. I am trained to help children with special needs, such as dyslexia, down syndrome, ADHD and cerebral palsy. I have always taught English, firstly as a first language and then to ESL students. I have done 7 TEFL?TOEFL?TESOL COURSES, namely teaching online, teaching 1-1, business English, teaching young learners, advanced grammar and lesson planning.

  9. Hey guys, this platform is confusing. Where are all the students? I completed my profile about a week ago and nobody has contacted me. Seems like it was a waste of time. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks

    • I share your sentiment. However, after sending a bunch of messages to potential students I got a positive and we had our first lesson today. He promised to be a regular but obviously I didn’t join for just ne student so I’m hoping that with time I will get more.

  10. Hi, I am Patricia from South Africa, I am a casual teacher! I have been in the sales industry for over 25 years and quite happy to chat about life, to help with your casual conversations!!!

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