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  1. Hello, My name is Ekky and I am a TEFL qualified tutor. if you want to learn British accented English, I am the person for you. Want to practice your conversational skills with a chatty guy and sometimes funny kind of guy, I am definitely the person for you. All topics and scenarios can be chosen by you and I will try to construct scenarios to improve your speaking skills. I have a Master's degree so I can assist in any academic English contexts so can adapt to any request. My rates are negotiable especially if you buy bundle of lessons.and if you take a demo first before buying a bundle, I will give you the demo class for free. Look forward to hearing from you. Ekky

  2. Hello. I'm Allison, A TESOL and IELTS certified tutor. Do you want to sound like a American English speaker or just build your fluency? I have several lessons that will help you to: 👍Improve your pronunciation and fluency 👍Sound like a native English speaker 👍Build speaking confidence 👍Improve your listening skills 👍Understanding and using Idioms and verbal phrases in business and social areas. 👍Grow your vocabulary 👍Practice dialogue conversations Book a trial class today. See you in the classroom Allison Hester

  3. Beginner-friendly and TESOL certified Teacher! Passionate Teacher with more than two years of experience developing and implementing diverse curriculums covering a wide range of subjects. Highly skilled at motivating students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive classroom instruction and observation. Successful in helping students develop strong literacy, numeracy, social, and learning skills. Over two years of experience teaching kids and adults, both online and in-person taught me that communication among people is the most important thing for understanding and togetherness. Knowledge of language is a precondition for conversation and cultural exchange. My vision is that student engagement, student-centered learning, and positive learning environment are keys to teaching the English language correctly. Gentle individual, thank You for checking my profile. Now it's time to hear Your story and Your vision. Goodbye.

  4. I would like to offer free Demo lessons and 1 free class with a purchase of a 5 class bundle and two free classes with the purchase of a 10 class bundle. Be sure to book a demo and let's start learning.

  5. Hey! Would you like tailored lessons to suit your English needs? Would you like to learn English for travel, work or to be able to have conversations? Then Look no further. I design lessons to suit the needs of my students with extra notes with corrections and vocabulary so you can track your progress, I'm also here for conversation and can help you speak clearly and concisely. I have a degree in English Language and Literature and History as well as a TEFL certificate with tutoring experience and I would love to get to know you and your language goals.

  6. Hey! Want to learn better conversation skills? conversation is key to improving your understanding and pronunciation. I have a certificate in English Business Communication, and I recently completed the 120hr TEFL course. I am a casual teacher, and i'm here for interesting and fun conversation, come and share your cultural experiences with me. I love to learn new things and I love to share my knowledge. Contact me if you are interested.

  7. Hey! Hey! Hey! Want to improve your English? Looking for individual plan and interesting relevant tasks? I teach English for 5 years to students with different levels and age. I also got TEFL certificate and balance academical and freestyle learning, so it will be a lot of fun! Contact me and book the trial lesson

  8. I will want to be your teacher from Preblesson. Your interest to learn and improve your English catches my attention. I will like to share my knowledge of the English Language with you. Before we start, I have three most important questions to ask you. 1. What is your current level of English? If you don't know, I will need to give you a placement test to know your English level. 2. What kind of English lessons will you want to study? 3. What is your purpose of studying English as a Language? This awareness gives me a clue of the kind of lessons I will need to prepare for you. Your study purpose may be for travel, business, general or social interaction, admission, interview, project writing, etc. let me get your answers to the above questions. We will then discuss how you have to book a trial lesson. Thank you.

  9. Hi Friend, I want to participate in your IELTS and TOEIC Exam Success. Book a lesson with me today for quality Exam preparatory classes. I'm fully ready to provide you with all the resources you will need for the best band score.

  10. Learn Chinese Mandarin in just 48 sessions...with me.

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