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  1. Hi, my name is Aleksandra, and I am new here. Last eight years I have been translating texts from English to Serbian in the field of healthy nutrition and food supplements, positive thinking, spirituality, massage therapy and alternative medicine for different employers, and for myself, too. For a few years I worked as assistant manager of logistics and all correspondence with american supplier was my job, same as translation of documents. English language is present in my life since childhood and till today I finished my Advanced One English language course. My hobbies are outdoor walking, massage therapy, yoga and reiki. I love dogs very much, and I have two of them. I enjoy spending time in nature, travelling and meeting new people, and since knowing English, there is no language barrier for me. I'm happy when I have someone to share my knowledge with, or just to casually chat. Beside I can help You to practice or learn English, I can also help You with learning Greek. I was studying it for a year in the Association of Greeks in Serbia and now I have excellent basic knowledge. My Serbian is, as my native language perfect, so I can teach You to speak that too. Be free to book and practice or learn with me - it will be my pleasure :-)

  2. Hi! I am Lani from New Zealand. I am a passionate, enthusiastic and certified TESOL/TEFL native English level teacher with years of experience teaching children and adults, students and professionals; and is committed to not only using her skills and expertise in teaching but most importantly to be an integral part of her learner's development and success.I can understand the difficulties that most English learners are facing. I would love to share my creative ideas and experiences to help you develop your abilities and enjoy your learning journey. Come and let's speak English!

  3. Hello everyone! My name is Irfan, I'm a tour guide from Serbia. If you want to improve your English or Serbian language skills, come and join me in the Conversation street I prefer casual conversation, but if needed, we can have real classes. We can make classes whatever you want them to be. Besides the fun part, there's financial part. I believe that my hourly rate is not high, so you can benefit from that also. Looking forward speaking with you. Bye!

  4. I can help you to master your English in a short period of time. Also I am interested in getting familiarized with new culture. If you are looking for friendly and kind tutor here you are. You won't regret if you choose me to be your teacher. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Best Regards!

  5. Schedule your free trial lesson with me . Learn and have fun! https://www.preplesson.com/user/2486

  6. Happy Christmas eve and Christmas , all the best wishes.. Happyness, health, prosper

    • Sana da canım I am so happy and grratefull that I have met so kind person like you and you have teach me a lots. Thank you!

    • Sevgili İvana, ben de sana mutlu, huzurlu ve çok başarılı bir yıl dilerim. Senin gibi güzel yüzlu, güzel sözlü ve güzel kalpli birini tanıdığıma çok sevindim. Hep görüşelim. Selam ve sevgiler.

  7. Here is some text I found and hopefully it will be usefull at least some of you

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